“Geniet van het leven.”

Gemert, June 25th 2023 I With deep sorrow, we bid farewell to Erik van Dijk. He passed away during the night of June 25th, following a tragic accident in Austria. It was a night that followed a day dedicated to enjoyment. Enjoyment was something Erik excelled at like no other, and he gladly shared his happiness. “Enjoy life, for it only lasts a while,” echoed his motto. It is incomprehensible that his life was cut so short. Erik’s adventure came to an untimely end. We will miss him tremendously as a colleague and a friend, and we promise to continue enjoying life to the fullest.

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Erik van Dijk had entrepreneurship in his blood, but he approached it in his own unique way. He conducted business based on equality, personal connections, and professional friendship. Whether he dealt with a foreign investor or an intern, Erik treated everyone as equals. He wholeheartedly embraced life and shared his joy. Every other year, he organized a fully catered event in his own garden, where colleagues, clients, and business associates were warmly welcomed. He also organized various parties and gatherings both domestically and internationally.

He didn’t bother making business plans because, according to him, they only gathered dust. Instead, he trusted on his flawless strategic insight to identify and seize market opportunities. He encouraged others to make the most out of life, dare to make choices, and pursue entrepreneurship with passion. Perhaps he wasn’t even aware of it, but he served as a great inspiration to many in that regard.

In his final years, Erik allowed himself more time to enjoy life. Work and personal life were inseparable for Erik. In 2017, he met his new partner, who is active in the real estate industry with Optimise Marketing. Together, they rarely missed any parties. They made one “bucket list plan” after another. A year and a half ago, he became a father for the third time (Erik leaves behind three children) and embarked on a journey to the Caribbean with his family for several months – albeit with a reliable Wi-Fi connection on board. Because fully embracing life and achieving significant business success can go hand in hand.

For Erik, things didn’t have to be so serious and formal. Therefore, his vibrant personality should also resonate in a message about his passing. He will be remembered as a unifier with grand dreams and a big heart. Wherever Erik was, things happened. He approached life with humor, energy, courage, and a lot of love. A life that was tragically cut short. He will be deeply missed by his partner, three beautiful children, family, friends, colleagues, and associates but will always remain in our thoughts.

The farewell of Erik took place on July 8th, and the bereaved were touched by the heartwarming presence of so many people on this occasion.

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