VDG Warehouse Schiphol

A real gem for sustainable and innovative enterprises

VDG Warehouse Schiphol: over 23,000 sqm in an absolutely prime location. The first unit has already been rented and approx. 9,568 sqm is still available to let.

A real gem for sustainable and innovative enterprises

Schiphol Trade Park is striving to become the most sustainable and innovative business park in Europe. At the entrance of the plot, situated in a unique high-profile location along the A4 motorway, VDG Real Estate is developing a high-quality, green and modern warehouse that will span more than 23,000 sqm: the gem of the Schiphol Trade Park. The development consists of two units. Unit 1 has already been rented, but unit 2 is still available, which boasts a 7,796 sqm warehouse, a 157 sqm mezzanine and 1,615 sqm of office space.

Its absolutely prime location ten minutes from Schiphol Airport, its own slip road on the A4 motorway and its focus on sustainable and innovative enterprises make VDG Warehouse Schiphol a unique business opportunity.


Unit 1 Unit 2
Warehouse 10.413 sqm 7.796 sqm
Mezzanine 535 sqm 157 sqm
Office 2.686 sqm 1.615 sqm
Roof garden 314 sqm 206 sqm
Loading docks 12 8
Doors at ground level 1 1
Overhead doors 4.000 mm x 4.500 mm 4.000 mm x 4.500 mm
Parking spaces cars 110 146
Availability Rented To let

Schiphol Trade Park

Multimodal accessibility

Schiphol Trade Park offers entrepreneurs an inspiring environment where sustainability and innovation converge: it is striving to become the most sustainable business park in Europe. The fact that accessibility is a top priority in the development of the site is very apparent. The business park is situated on a unique high-profile location along the A4 motorway, complete with its own slip road. The Port of Amsterdam can be reached via the A5 within 15 minutes. Schiphol Trade Park also enjoys a direct connection to the N201. Lorries are also able to reach the Schiphol apron area within 10 minutes using the Undisturbed Logistics Connection (OLV). And lastly, the site also has a direct connection to the future HST Cargo terminal.

As the only business park with its own NS railway station, the park is easily accessible by public transport.

By land

By air

By water

Directly at the A4 5 km to Schiphol Airport 20 km to the Port of Amsterdam
5 km to the A5 50 km to Rotterdam Airport 90 km to the Port of Rotterdam
3 km to the N201 70 km to Lelystad Airport


Where indoors and outdoors converge

VDG Warehouse Schiphol has high ambitions and that calls for a unique approach. In this development, a greater balance has been achieved between the office and logistics elements than is seen in conventional logistics real estate. The building adapts itself depending on use, ecology and function.


Completely in harmony with the environment – that’s what this development is all about. The building itself is ‘packaged’ as a distribution centre with a logistic core. Elements such as the offices and heat pump have been cleverly integrated in the outer side of the building, and ecology and nature come together to form its shell. This design gives the building an appearance that hardly resembles a distribution centre.

Pleasant working environment

VDG Warehouse Schiphol offers an extraordinarily comfortable workplace. Working in a green, well-lit environment is good for people – and that goes for office staff as well as inside the logistics hall. The two roof gardens and nearby park are ideal meeting spaces.


The terrain has a separate traffic flow for people and lorries.

Inclusion of nature sets new standards


Once it is complete, VDG Warehouse Schiphol will hold a BREEAM-NL certification of ‘Excellent’, meaning that it will have earned a substantially better score than the legal standard when it comes to sustainability – the standard for all VDG Real Estate developments. The building is equipped with numerous features such as LED lighting, heat pumps, automatic blinds and solar panels.



Unit 1 dimensions: 120 x 97 m
Unit 2 dimensions: 120 x 74 m
Roof edge height: approx. 14,5 m
Max. stack height: top of goods 12,20 m
Column structure: 5,65 x 12m
Sprinkler: Yes
Warehouse floor
Floor load: 5,000 kg/sqm with a point load of 8,000 kg
Floor load, freight area: 2,500 kg/sqm
Floor flatness:  Row 4, according to DIN18202
Lighting: Energy efficient LED lighting with a light intensity of 200 lux and 300 lux in the freight area
Wall outlets: Ample amount of 230V/16A and 400V/16A
Fire extinguishing system: Certified sprinkler system, type ESFR (K25) in accordance with CCV
Loading docks
Loading dock specifications:


  • Electrically operated door, 3.2 x 3.2 metres with windows
  • Electric hydraulic dock leveller with a load bearing capacity of 9t static and 6t dynamic
  • Dock shelter with bumpers and wheel guides
Loading bay: Concrete loading bay
Mezzanine (optional)
Maximum floor load: 750 kg/m²
Balustrade: Equipped with a loading zone and a rail system with tilting function
Layout: Flexible, according to tenant choice
Floor: Concrete topped with cement screed flooring
Heating system: Central with mechanical ventilation / cooling
Sanitary facilities: Fully equipped WC with sanitary facilities and ceramic floor tiles on each floor
Ceiling and lighting Suspended ceiling, equipped with energy efficient LED lighting with an average light intensity of 500 lux. Equipped with motion sensors.
Wiring and wall sockets: 3 x double wall sockets + 3 data points per 25 sqm
Cars and lorries have separate traffic flows: yes
BREEAM-NL certification: ‘Excellent’



VDG Unibouw will start building the VDG Warehouse Schiphol in the fourth quarter of 2020. Delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021.

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